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Tips to stay hydrated in hot Summer

It is essential to keep yourself hydrated during the summer months. Because at this time we sweat a lot, due to which electrolytes of our body are removed and we start feeling weak. In such a season, it is crucial to keep yourself hydrated to protect yourself from heat and sun. Today we will learn about some easy ways to hydrate yourself.

Tips to stay hydrated in hot Summer

  1. Drink a lot of water throughout the day: During summer days, we should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day. If you work outside the house, you can increase its quantity but drink at least this much water.

  2. Always keep a water bottle with you: Always keep a water bottle with you. With this, you can drink water regularly throughout the day.

  3. Set a reminder to drink water: Set a reminder in your phone at regular intervals to drink water so that you will not forget to drink water and can keep yourself hydrated.

  4. Include hydrating foods in your diet: Include fruits and vegetables with high water content in your diet, such as watermelon, cucumber, oranges, and strawberries, to keep yourself hydrated during summer days.

  5. Avoid excessive consumption of caffeine and alcohol during summer: These can have a diuretic effect and cause dehydration. If you consume these, balance out the intake with extra water.

  6. Start and end your day with water: Drink a glass of water when you wake up in the morning and a glass before bed to maintain hydration levels in your body.

  7. Make your water flavourful: You can add fruits like lemon, mint, or cucumber to your water to make you feel more like drinking water and also make its elements beneficial.

  8. Drink coconut water: Coconut water contains natural electrolytes. These help replenish fluids and minerals lost during sweating.

  9. Keep an eye on the color of urine: In summer, the color of our urine changes when there is a lack of water in the body, so we should keep an eye on the color of our urine. Light yellow urine indicates proper hydration, while dark yellow or amber color shows a lack of water in the body.

  10. Reduce outdoor activities during peak sun hours: To reduce the risk of dehydration in summer, try to stay indoors during the day, especially between 11 and 3 pm when the sun is at its peak.

  11. Wear light and loose clothes: Wear light-colored loose-fitting clothes to cool the body and reduce sweating in the heat.

  12. Use a hydration pack for long journeys: If you are going for a long journey or walking, keep a hydration pack with you so that you can easily drink water on the go.

  13. Drink electrolyte solution: Due to intense physical activity or excessive sweating, many electrolytes are removed from the body, due to which we start feeling weak. To overcome this, consume beverages containing electrolytes, which give strength to the body and fulfill the lack of water.

  14. Keep yourself cool: If you are working standing outside in the sun for a long time, then take breaks in the shade in between and use a cool, damp cloth on your skin to reduce your body temperature.

  15. Listen to your body: If you are feeling symptoms of dehydration such as thirst, dry mouth, dizziness, and fatigue, then drink water immediately and keep yourself cool.

By adopting these tips, you can keep yourself hydrated in this heat and keep doing your work.

Tips to stay hydrated in hot Summer

Apart from the above things, keep some other things in mind during summer like:

  • Avoid going out on summer days. If there is some urgent work, go out before 10 am or after 4 pm when the sunlight is less.

  • If you are planning to go out for a walk or exercise, look for a place where the sun does not come. Exercising in excessive sunlight can cause dehydration quickly.

  • To protect your skin from the harmful sun rays in summer, use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 while going out. It also helps you avoid the heat.

  • You can wear a wide-brimmed hat while going out, it helps in keeping your head cool.

  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun and harmful rays in summer. Sunglasses that provide 100% UV protection protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

  • Use cooling towels, portable fans, or misting bottles for your body in summer.

  • While going out, keep a small umbrella or portable shade device with you to protect yourself from the sun.

  • Avoid having heavy breakfasts in summer. In such a situation, a light breakfast is the best. In a light breakfast, eat hydrating fruits (such as grapes or watermelon) to keep yourself hydrated. Apart from this, you can also consume sattu, which helps in keeping you cool from the inside.

  • To protect yourself from dehydration, stay away from sweet beverages like soda, cold drinks, etc.

  • If you do not pay attention when it is very hot, you can get many diseases. Which includes symptoms like excessive sweating, nausea, headache, muscle cramps, and dizziness. If you experience any such symptoms, stand in the shade away from the sun, drink cold water, and proceed only after resting for a while.

  • If possible, go out with a friend in the summer. In this way, both of you can take care of each other and keep an eye on the symptoms of dehydration or heat-related illnesses.

  • Keep a list of emergency contacts with you to deal with heat problems. This way you can use it in an emergency.

  • Reduce your activities during extreme heat so that the risk of overheating can be reduced.

By adopting all these measures, you can keep yourself healthy and avoid all the troubles while going out in the summer season.

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